The Random 30 Countdown is a brand new experience! It’s more than radio – It’s the new place to hang out and maybe even learn something.

The Random 30 Countdown has the hottest new music, international and alternate chart checks and interviews with today’s biggest stars.

Regular segments on gaming, the latest tech news and even how to go far on a budget makes it easy to get the latest info and must-haves!

The Random 30 Countdown also taps into Universities across Australia, with opportunities to showcase courses, achievements and the creation of segments made by students for students.

Airing live across Australia weeknights 7pm - 10pm!

Meet Mikey - your Random 30 Countdown host!

The Random 30 Countdown is hosted daily by Mikey!

The Random 30 Countdown is what Mikey has been studying for! A show dedicated to students, youth and everyone who wants to make the most out of life!

Mikey gives you the latest music, info on the stuff that you want to know about and the tips and tricks to really live.

Best of all, there are no lectures to attend, free enrolment and being interactive, you get to set your own timetable and the agenda.