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It's time again for the hottest ticket in town - the Hot100 Golden Ticket!

After a massive 2018/19, our last Golden Ticket winner is about to hand over his ticket for this year's promotion. Attending over 50 events worth over $18,000 he is ready for a break.

Targeting the core 18–39 years demographic Hot100's Golden Ticket is the ultimate party pass, getting the lucky winner and one guest into EVERY SINGLE CONCERT, FESTIVAL and EVENT that comes to Darwin. If it's on, you're in!

Darwin punches well above its weight when it comes to concerts, festivals, artists, events, shows and performances. No other market this size has anywhere near the huge number of annual events.

Whilst it is fantastic to have all this, the hip pocket takes a massive hit if you intend to attend all of them, so Hot100 has decided that one person, and a guest of their choice will get free entry to EVERY SINGLE EVENT.

Whether its Bass in the Grass, Darwin Supercars, Seaside Sounds, Darwin Cup Raceday, The Darwin Show or any of the other myriad of shows and acts that come to Darwin, if you want in, your in.

It’s a prize that is worth up to $20,000.

And there is only one way to enter and one way to win….to get a ticket in this draw they need to come and shop at YOUR business!

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Hot100's Golden Ticket can be used to:
Increase foot traffic
Offer people tickets for just coming into your store. You might restrict this to your quiet times to strategically increase footfall at these times, or if you are in a hard to find or out of the way to incentivize people to make the effort to find you.

Multiple Purchases
If people only by one, offer tickets to get them to buy two, or mix and match, buy this and that and get tickets.

Increase Your Average Sale
If your average sale is $14, give tickets away to all purchases over $20.

Higher Margins
Offer tickets to increase purchases of premium or high-profit margin product.

New Product
Got a new product? Use tickets to instantly draw attention to it.

Why Golden Ticket is good for your business...

It's not just more advertisements!

Ask your current advertiser supplier, “what else are you doing for my business?”

Yes, commercials are important, but if all you are doing is buying ads, then you are missing out. Give your business’ marketing a chance at working and get a high powered, high profile promotion behind you. Its either you are or your competitors.

Do Something Different
Yes, we know times are ordinary in this wonderful city of ours right now, but what are going to do about it? What you’ve always done? So, sit back and complain, or join us, Darwin's favourite radio station and really have a crack at making something happen!

Stand Out from the Others
You are in the same boat as everyone else, your competitors have similar products and probably make similar claims, they also advertise, how are you going to stand out? Hot100's Golden Ticket limits the number of businesses per industry, so you can stand out.

For more information about the Hot100 Golden Ticket download our information guide HERE!

To confirm your 2019 Hot100 Golden Ticket Package contact your Hot100 account executive on 08 8941 9999 or enter your details below!

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