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The health and fitness lifestyle industry is a billion-dollar industry in Australia, yet we are seeing ever-increasing levels of obesity and heart disease. The current generation is the first forecasted to die younger than their parents.

A more sedentary lifestyle and increased levels of sugars, preservatives and other additives are all contributing to a decrease in life expectancy for the first time in recorded modern history.

With the answer being to get Australians more active, more exercise, eating better and generally more aware of their health NT Broadcasters is launching FEB FIT.

Taking advantage of a time of year when Australians are post-Christmas binge, New Year resolutions, back from school holidays and that nagging knowledge that unless you actually do something, nothing's going to change.

So in Feb we will be focusing on a whole range of healthy lifestyle activities, from exercise to eating to sports, there is a wide range of fun, engaging ways to get healthy.

Launching with a 4-week high profile awareness campaign in January the lead up will be designed to get everyone's attention and tap into the knowledge that people know they should do something, it's just the motivation, or where to start that stops them. We will run commercials, interviews, health and fitness segments and other content designed to get everyone's minds firmly focused on health and fitness, and then in Feb, we launch FEB FIT.

What is FEB FIT?

FEB FIT as the name suggests is an entire month focusing on the health and fitness industry. For 29 days we will concentrate on everything healthy living related.

On Air, Online and On the Ground our teams will be promoting, participating in, and persuading our community to be part of the huge range of health-improving activities.

What will we be doing for FEB FIT?

FEB FIT will see both Hot100FM and Mix104.9FM doing the following:

  • Increased on-air content about healthy living and lifestyle choices
  • Conducting outside broadcasts from the Health & Fitness industry businesses
  • Interviewing people from the industry
  • Promoting top-end activities and businesses within the health & fitness industry
  • Organising and running health and fitness events
  • Promoting health and fitness events
  • On-air discussions about healthy living
  • Online health & fitness activities across both stations websites
  • On-air staff & listeners participating in health & fitness challenges
  • Promoting your health & fitness activities
  • Living, breathing and participating in everything health and fitness related
  • Launch various challenges
  • Anything else we can do to engage the top end community to get healthier

There are three levels of involvement with Feb Fit!

Initiative Sponsor: suitable for any entity whose mandate is health and fitness promotion.  Government departments, local councils, NGO’'s or larger retailers. If your organisation has a need to effectively communicate and promote an active healthy lifestyle message then Feb Fit is a great platform. Several levels of sponsorship are available and are customisable to suit your specific requirements.

Activity Provider: if your business is getting people fit and healthy through physical activity, gyms, personal trainers, fitness centres, sporting clubs then the Activity Provided is for you. Your participation in Feb Fit will allow you to organise actual activities for the community to participate in under the Feb Fit banner.

Retailer: if your business sells products for health and fitness then there is an involvement level for you as well.

Contact Feb Fit TODAY!

If you would like more information on getting involved or have any questions, please call our friendly team on 08 8941 9999 and ask for Feb Fit.

OR Email [email protected] [email protected]

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