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Hot or Not? The MALE Romper is a thing

Romper suit


Ladies,we love a good romp, don't we?


Cold weather in #chitown be damned, it's #romphimseason. Great view of the #cubs taking on the #yankees from the #wrigleyrooftops.

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Romphim, A couple of good time loving, stylish fellas have a dream, and that dream is to romp to their hearts content.

They've come up with the male equivalent of the Romper, do you know it?

They've even started a kickstarter page for any fun loving man who wants to romp to his hearts content too!

What do we think ladies?


Male Rompers Hot Or Not?


Ready to take #kentuckyderby by storm, these guys are off to romp. Meet you at the #mintjulep stand in the #infield.

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