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Darwin's Very Own Customised Foundation Blend Bar

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Yesterday Sarah and Lexi went to visit Kani at her brand new store in the Jape Homemaker Village 'Beuaty of Tatum'. Kani has been doing make up in the top end for many years now and has finally decided to open up show again, where she has expenaded her services. 

One of many services of Beauty of Tatum is the Melli Cosmetics customed blend foundation bar, Its made especially for you, gluten free, vegan miniral botanical and cruelty free. And she is the only one who offers this amazing service in the Top End.

Its starts off with a 1 hour consult in which Kani will discuss with you what you want from your foundation - anywhere from texture to coverage, even hydration options (which is great for being in the humidity of Darwin). She also works really closely with the clour of your natural skin in order to get a natural blend in the foundation.

The best thing is, once the consult is over, you get your own 40ml foundation blend bottled, and all the details are saved in the system so that when you run out all you need to do is head in for a refill.

Both Sarah and Lexi loved the feeling of the foundation being made from natural ingredients, not only is it simple to apply, it also meant it didn't feel like wearing make up at all.