We've got all your Christmas Lights Locations sorted!

christmas house 554727 1920

Any other time of year it'd be highly inappropriate to drive around the surburbs at night slowly checking out peoples houses. Getting out of your car and just standing on someones front lawn staring at their house... Frowned upon 11 months out of the year.

But December that all changes! Every year houses in Darwin and Palmerston throw caution to the wind (and their power bill) and adorn their houses with more lights than vegas. There's the usual suspects who have made it a tradition, and the newbies who give it a go. It can be tricky finding them all, but thankfully the legends over at Darwin Commodore Club put together not just a list, but a cruise map so you don't miss a single twinkling light this year!

Chuck this bad boy in your google maps,  and don't forget to swing by the Darwin Commodore Club Facebook page and say thanks!