Are You Away For Xmas? Here's What You Need To Know!


Christmas time for some may mean a trip down south - are you away from home this year?

After having the relaxing holiday you deserve, the last thing you need is to come back to your home being ransacked by criminals. And with the state of the territory and crime on our streets, the chances are so much higher this Christmas.

Use these tips to keep your place safe and secure while you are gone.

  1. If you can (and depending on how long you are away for) organize for someone to housesit! There is nothing more comforting than knowing that somebody is there in case something goes wrong. If you don't know anyone, then keep in mind that some people do it professionally, and come with many recommendations/references to ensure your house is in safe hands.
  2. Social Media - try to refrain from notifying the world of your whereabouts. Think about it this way - would you yell out to a crowd of people that you're leaving your house for 2 weeks? That's exactly what social media is doing. Be smart with what you’re posting and who you’re tagging too.
  3. Make it look like someone is home - You may only be away for a couple of days so not worth getting the place looked after. Try at least making it look lived in Fill the clothes line, don't leave your lights on all the time (this just looks weird during the night and will prompt people to know you aren't home), stop the mail during the time you are away (a good indication to burglars can be a full mail box) and remove the spare keys, sometimes we hide it to make life easier, but not a good idea if you aren't even there.
  4. Power surges - especially in Darwin we have a number of storms which can cause power surges throughout our homes. Unplug everything before you leave TV's, Toasters, and Computers etc. This will save you on the power bill as electrical items still draw energy even turned off.
  5.  Lastly perhaps ask a friend who is staying in Darwin to do some drive by's past your house every couple of days. Again this is much more comforting for you while you’re enjoying the time away