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Meet Sarah:

So it's been 3 years away from Hot100, taking the time away to learn the ways of my spirit animal - yet to know what that is as they were emailing me the details (only needed my credit card details was so easy). A bit about those who don't know me: I love all kinds of sport, food and the heat of Darwin. I love my fur baby Leo and I love being a part of the territory, I have been here for around 7 years and I could never imagine leaving. It's great and exciting to be back, and I'm very much looking forward to doing breakfast with Ben. Catch you from 5.30!!

Meet Ben:

Ben is actually just a sports jacket hung over the back of a desk chair. People only ever look at him out of the corner of their eye so no one has noticed. He feels it’s gone on too long, and pointing it out now would just be awkward.