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VNT-EVER Emergency Volunteers for Emergency Response

Wed 20 Mar 2019 02:58 pm to 02:58 pm

  • FREE training offered
  • Darwin

Recruiting Now – Be the Change in Disaster Response Volunteering
VNT–EVER Volunteering NT - Emergency Volunteers for Emergency Response

Volunteers are crucial when natural disasters strike. They are a helping hand in emergencies such as cyclones, earthquakes, fires or floods. So many people want to assist and volunteering is one way of reaching out.
Spontaneous Emergency Volunteers are often available, but ill-equipped to be easily deployed into the Relief and Recovery Agencies and Emergency Management Agencies, where help is needed the most.
A new program managed by Volunteering NT allows Darwin residents to pre-register to help out community organisations in times such of these.

The Volunteering NT Emergency Volunteers for Emergency Response (NVT-EVER) program develops for the skills of Emergency Volunteers.

VNT-EVER aims to empower a wide range of people in the community by providing free training and guidelines for individuals who can volunteer in an emergency to organisations in need.
Rachael Bowker, Executive Manager, Volunteering NT said that our role is to help volunteers meet the essential criteria required from organisations working in the field at the time of a disaster.
“We can also support organisations that may need extra help during disaster preparedness and recovery providing skilled and certified volunteers that require minimal induction,” said Rachael.
VNT-EVER volunteers will have the capabilities to support the surge of workload within organisations by providing additional people power.
The program works with the Northern Territory Department of the Chief Minister, with funding assistance through the NT Disaster Resilience Emergency Volunteer Fund.