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Destiny 2 - What We Know So Far

Destiny 2 is due for release around September 8 but just what do we know about the sequel to Bungies epic shooter?

We know that there will be new weapons, and that the whole system has been overhauled for better balance. Instead of Primary, Secondary and Heavy weapons the slots willl be Kinetic, Energy and Power.

Although there is no word yet on new classes we do know that the old classes of Warlock, Titan and Hunters are getting a makeover with new abilities. 

There will be more to do on planets which is exciting, so more than just patrols with a greater emphasis on exploration. We may even see actual towns and NPC's giving more of a role playing feel. 

You'll still need to work hard to get a group for raids but there is now added clan support that will help to maintain those groups.

We are also hearing that the Crucible will be 4 V 4 only which is an interesting choice so I'm looking forward to seeing this in action in the beta.

Unfortunuatly the game doesnt carry much over from Destiny 1 in regards to your character, so all that loot you gained is going bye bye, about the only thing you do keep in your appearence, so it shouldn't matter if you want to change systems and start from scatch.