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Dream Daddy Dating Simulator

Dream Daddy has to be the most unique dating simulator I have ever seen it's essentially a Dad Dating Simulator video game on PC where you play as a Dad and your goal is to meet and romance other "hot Dads". 

These point and click adventure story titles have had a resurgence in recent years, the Kardasians have their own titles and there are plenty of other "dating' games that use the same mechanics. 

The illustrations are straight out of the anime playbook and are both hilarious and vibrant. 

As you can see from the trailer above it feels like an episode of the batchelor or some other dating type tv show. 

There are certainly some adult themes in the game but it's mostly about earning either friendship points or romance points.

For more check out the official twitter account where people have already started cosplaying as thier favourtie Dads from the game.