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Cheap Holiday Hacks

Put your hand up if you need a holiday??
Then put your hand up if you don't have enough money for one? - YEP!!!!
So this afternoon I thought I would share a few pointers from around the office on how we save on holidays.....all in the hope's to get you a holiday but on the cheap side!

Firstly Budget for a holiday you can afford - Pick somewhere you want to go that matches your income and will enable you to make more of the fun time and less of the actual travel period.  For example having 1 week off compared to 3 or 4 will limit you to destinations. 
Maybe try not and go for the old saying 'why not?' or 'treat yoself!' mentallity - when you get back to work, your future self won't be thanking your credit card debt.
Don't do a holiday on a credit card, work out how much you need and save it!

Buy airfares early - Be on top of when you have holiday's coming up, or sign up to email distributions alerting you to cheap flights and choose to travel around these. It's also a great idea to keep in mind, the best time to travel is out of peak periods (i know not everyone has the luxury of doing that) but if you do, take advantage of less crowds!

Research - Be keen to try new places, not all hotels need to be 5 star, and keep in mind bad reviews are louder than good ones, so read down the page and take an overall opinion.

Travel with someone - not only is this a safety factor, but most things you will be able to split the bill. Hotel's even food orders. I went to America and honestly