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NZ Shooting Witness Keeps Victim Alive As Another Dies

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A New Zealand woman has spoken of her distress at finding shooting victims lying in the street outside a mosque in Christchurch.

She told Seven News that she found a victim lying in the street and trying to call his wife to tell her he'd been shot.

She said she could see another man in pretty bad shape, but she couldn't reach him because he was in line with where the gunfire was coming from.

So she applied pressure to the man's wound and when he pressed the button to call his wife she took the phone from him and told her "your husband's been shot outside the mosque" and she told her not to go to the mosque because she wouldn't get through".

Instead she told her, "please go to the hospital and wait for him, and then I kept talking to him and telling him that she was at the hospital waiting and he wasn't to give up and yeah we just kept pressure on as best we could for him til we got him some help".

During all of that, the witness noticed the man across the road had passed away.