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The name's Jax!

I was born right here in Darwin - a local boy with big dreams! After travelling around Australia and living overseas I would always end up home. After working on pearl farms I wasn’t too keen on doing any serious work I was “chasing the dream job”, as all 18-year-olds do.

My teachers told me I’d never amount to much because I procrastinate too much. I told them, “Just you wait!”. After a few casual jobs, I found myself once again unemployed.

I was lucky enough to push my way into the Hot100FM team - with a smile on my face, a skid mark in my undies and absolutely no experience. Falling in love with the team was very much like falling in love with an old car. Not very practical and a lot could go wrong but it sure is cool. As well as giving away free stuff at a ridiculous hour every morning (btw the bags under my eyes are Gucci) you can hear me just about every day on the air!

Like your average Territorian, I love my fishing, camping and most of all a good bender.

Join Jax weekdays from 1pm.