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Police seize grog destined to be on-sold in Tennant Creek


More than 60 litres of alcohol destined to be on-sold in Tennant Creek has been seized by police after a tip off from the public.

Officers say they received information on Saturday that alcohol was allegedly being sold at a home in an Alcohol Protected Area.

Tennant Creek Police conducted a search of the home and located 66 litres of alcohol hidden under clothing and blankets.

Senior Sergeant Crispin Gargan says it was likely to have come from Queensland.

“This alcohol has likely been imported by grog traffickers from interstate,” said Snr Sgt Gargan says.

“We cannot know how many assaults and domestic and family violence matters Tennant Creek Police have proactively negated in the actions of seizing this alcohol,” he says.

“Those who seek to profit from such misery and harm should consider the criminality of their actions and their moral community responsibility.”

Selling liquor without a licence carries a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment.

Investigations to identify the owner of the alcohol are ongoing.