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Fisherman escapes with minor injuries after crocodile attack at Kakadu National Park


Rangers in Kakadu National Park are searching for a crocodile responsible for attacking a group of fisherman last weekend.

A 32-year-old man was injured when what was believed to be a five-metre croc reportedly jumped out of the water and into their boat on Saturday night.

NT Health says he was treated at the Jabiru Health Centre for minor injuies and has since been discharged.

But he is still receiving follow-up treatment to prevent any infection.

A Kakadu National Park spokesperson says its Crocodile Management Team conducts surveys during the day and night to monitor crocodile activity, numbers and behaviours.

They added that aggressive crocodiles are captured and assessed before decisions are made to either kill or relocate them.

“Consultation with Traditional Owners takes place before a decision to destroy a crocodile is taken,” the spokesperson says.

All visitors to Kakadu are urged to be Crocwise, especially around waterways.

(Photo: Carl Pfeiffer)