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Voller looks for justice from commission

dylan voller royal commission

Former detainee Dylan Voller says he wanted to take part in the royal commission into the Northern Territory's juvenile justice system to help prevent others receiving the treatment he endured in detention.

"I don't want any other young person to go through what I've gone through," Voller said at the conclusion of his evidence on Thursday.

"A lot of other young people, just like myself, have had bad upbringings, bad behavioural problems.

"But locking them away, being bashed or being harassed and being slammed - nothing justifies that.

"If we walked up and did it on the street ...we'd be put in prison."

Voller was jailed in 2014 for a violent, ice-fuelled crime spree but was granted bail in February to begin rehabilitation, months before his planned release in October.

The NT royal commission into juvenile justice was sparked last year when footage of youth inmates, including Voller, being tear-gassed, spit-hooded and shackled was aired on ABC television.

Voller told the hearing in Darwin that he hoped "some sort of justice" would come from the royal commission so that what happened to him did not happen again.

He also offered his thoughts on what a juvenile detention facility should look like.

He said there was a need for detention but it should include more access to counsellors and mental health professionals.

Voller called for more rehabilitation programs and for those programs to continue after inmates were released.

"To help them get accommodation, to help them get jobs once they're out," he said.

"Not just chuck them out the gate and off you go, back into the world."

The 19-year-old said guards in the detention system should try to talk more to inmates.

"Actually sit down and take the time to talk to us about our emotions, if we've got family problems," he said.

"Just give us that attention that most of us young fellas need, just to have a role model to be able to talk to."



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