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NT paedophile walks free after govt error

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The Northern Territory government has conducted a sweeping audit of serious sex offender sentences after a convicted child rapist was released from custody following an administrative error.

The notorious paedophile was jailed for more than nine years for raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter in 2007, Sky News reports.

He had already been known to police for breaching a domestic violence order related to the girl's mother and was given an eight-month sentence for a separate unlawful assault.

As his release from prison approached last month, the NT government applied for a special order to keep the man behind bars at a special prison facility for serious sex offenders once their sentences expire.

But NT Attorney-General Natasha Fyles says during that time the Supreme Court discovered a "mistake" which meant the man should have been released last October.

A judge had ordered the man's two sentences be served concurrently, not cumulatively, which wasn't picked up by Corrections, and the man was immediately released.

It also meant the government's bid to keep him locked up was dismissed, however it has since imposed a restrictive supervision order on the man and conducted a review of all similar sentencing cases.

"The Prohibition Order was granted for five years with conditions to be put in place limiting the offender's access to children, public recreation facilities, schools and consuming alcohol," Ms Fyles said.

"I requested an investigation into this matter and have been informed... that immediate actions have been taken to audit all relevant orders."

Sky News reports that when the man raped his stepdaughter he had just finished parole for stabbing his former partner in the spine with a screwdriver.