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NT pollie labelled twit over terror tweet


katherine time sandra nelson

Katherine MLA Sandra Nelson has been slammed over a Tweet suggesting recent terror raids in Sydney were part of a Federal Coalition conspiracy.

She tweeted the comment, 'Polling for LNP not good. Therefore we now have a 'terrorist attack'. How convenient', during the ABC's Q and A program.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner has told Mix 104.9 that Ms Nelson was 'very apologetic' when he spoke to her about the blunder late yesterday, saying it was a 'clear mistake'.

'Sandra make a mistake on the (sic) Twitter. She's acknowledged it, she's retracted, she's apologised. This is not the position of government, we take terrorism seriously', Mr Gunner said.

Territory Senator Nigel Scullion meantime, said using a national security issue for political gain is 'disgraceful'.

'Can you imagine me doing it?' Mr Scullion asked, 'just having a few beers and deciding to make that quote? I wouldn't have a job, mate'.

Ms Nelson has since deleted the tweets.