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Gunner fears federal fracking intervention

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The Northern Territory's chief minister is fearful the federal government could overrule its fracking decision in a bid to help solve Australia's energy crisis.

The NT Labor government currently has a moratorium on the controversial gas extraction method pending the findings of an independent inquiry due next month.

Michael Gunner is worried a "desperate" Turnbull government may intervene to force the Territory to lift the ban and allow onshore gas exploration regardless of the recommendations.

"We shouldn't see decisions that are made by southern politicians, that are probably more often than not in the interests of people who live on the east coast, not in the interests of Territorians," he said.

Mr Gunner, a strong supporter of statehood, says the hydraulic fracturing debate in Canberra is always framed in terms of east coast gas shortages which ignores the NT.

"If you actually support onshore gas development, why aren't you talking about northern development?" he asked.

"For me that goes to the attitudes of Australian politicians who live down south."