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NT Aust of the Year nominees revealed

Bo Remenyi nt news

Paediatric cardiologist Bo Remenyi and mentoring farmer Frank Shadforth are among those shortlisted for Northern Territory Australian of the Year, joining disability and social justice advocate Elizabeth Reid and David Woodroffe, a lawyer and Indigenous justice champion, for the honour.

The inspiring quartet, along with nominees for the territory's Young and Senior Australian of the Year, and local hero, have been revealed ahead of a ceremony in Darwin on Wednesday where the honours will be handed down.

Dr Remenyi, one of Australia's first female paediatric cardiologists, is renowned for her work to reduce the NT's rate of Rheumatic Heart Disease, which is currently the highest in the world.

Mr Shadforth also works with young people, particularly Aboriginal young people, but in a very different capacity - teaching his trade to troubled kids to give them a second chance at life.

Lawyer Mr Woodroffe has been credited with changing the way criminal practice works to better meet the needs of Aboriginal clients in years of representing Aboriginal people.

And Ms Reid has become known for challenging disability stereotypes in more than 25 years working in the community, disability and social justice sectors.

The winner will be head to Canberra on January 25 where the Australian of the Year will be named.


IMAGE/Bo Remenyi/NT News (Justin Kennedy)