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Animal Registration Audit


City of Darwin is distributing information to all households advising an animal registration audit will be commencing in coming days.

Rangers will be travelling to every suburb in the municipality over the next few months focussing on identifying unregistered animals and encouraging owners to register their animals within a 7 day timeframe.

City of Darwin encourages all animal owners to register any animal over 3 months of age, as it is a legal requirement to do so.

There are many benefits associated with registration, including
- Lost pets can quickly be reunited with owners
- Access to our pet Care Help Line
- Free home visits by our Animal Education Officer to assist with behaviour issues
- Free microchipping at registration events
- Free animal behaviour workshops
- Allows Council to provide facilities for lost pets in the community
- Free loans of bark collars and cat traps
- Dog poo bag dispensers and dog drinking facilities in Darwin parks.

Owners who do not register their animals may be served with an infringement notice.