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Calls To Ban eScooters Amid Coronavirus Fears


The Chairman of the Pedstrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby today called on ALL Governments across Australia to ban Ride Sharing E-Scooters, Bicycles and E-Rideables immediately, to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

Mr Scruby said: “Can you imagine a faster way to spread the virus than through these vehicles. They require all users to hold the same handles to ride across major cities.

“And there’s irrefutable evidence to show that nearly half of the riders of these vehicles are refusing to obey the rules and regulations pertaining to their use.

“A study released by QUT in May 2019 found: Almost half the shared e-scooters (312, 45%) were ridden illegally (rider not wearing a helmet, riding on the road, or doubling a passenger).

“When such a high percentage of riders have no respect for the law, it’s more than reasonable to conclude that they will care nought about hand hygiene.

“Companies like Neuron are trying to spin this potentially lethal problem, but they know full well that ride sharers simply dump these scooters anywhere when they finish their trips, making them available to the next rider.

“There’s no way the companies can “sanitise”, these vehicles in between rides.

“There’s little evidence to prove that E-Scooters are little more than toys, which have been responsible for over 29 deaths throughout the world and tens of thousands of serious injuries.

“Now is the time to remove them from all public places throughout Australia, before they are also responsible for more deaths through the spreading of COVID 19.

Queensland University of Technology Study: https://bit.ly/33pDmrk

Note from Neuron:
Dear Riders,
At Neuron we put safety at the heart of what we do. This is borne out in the design of our e-scooters and also how we operate them.

As we all face the challenge of corona virus/COVID-19 we would like to reassure you that our team is actively monitoring the situation and has already put in place measures to help protect our valued riders and employees.

We have introduced a range of precautions to help protect our riders. These include extra sanitisation of our e-scooters during daily maintenance, deployment and battery swapping. Measures have also been introduced to help keep our staff from catching and spreading the virus. These include extra sanitisation practices and revised illness and travel policies.

We can all play a role in reducing the risks of contracting COVID-19 and at Neuron we believe that we all have a responsibility to contribute to the effort. To learn more about the precautions you can take, please refer to the World Health Organization guidelines and advice published by local health authorities.