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Cyclone Marcus 2nd Anniversary


Isolated showers and thunderstorms are possible across the Top End today and for the next few days with generally sunny and warm conditions otherwise throughout the Territory.

Warm temperatures forecast for this week across the Territory are higher than average for this time of year during the day, but on par with overnight averages.

There are now 7 weeks left in the wet season, but it's increasingly unlikely we'll get another monsoon burst between now and then.

Climatologically, the chance of a monsoon burst during late March or April is significantly lower than January, February or early March. This is because the monsoon trough moves north of the continent late in the season, following the sun's movement towards the northern hemisphere.

That does not mean we won't see rain. We'll still see showers and thunderstorms, like the one we had in Darwin and surrounds on Saturday night, throughout the remainder of the wet season.

It is also possible that more tropical lows or cyclones could develop, bringing heavy rainfall (and strong, possibly damaging winds too) to the Territory. Tropical cyclone season continues until the end of April.

With just over 1,000mm recorded in Darwin this wet season so far, we've had about 70% of the long-term average rain to date.

Last wet season was also dry, with 1177.8mm (7th lowest on record) of rainfall recorded in Darwin.

The driest recorded wet season, in 1991-92, finished with 1038.2mm.

Anniversary of Tropical Cyclone Marcus

Today marks two years since Tropical Cyclone Marcus arrived in Darwin. TC Marcus was the strongest tropical cyclone to affect Darwin since Tracy in December 1974.

Cast your mind back here: http://www.bom.gov.au/cyclone/history/marcus.shtml

Image: Glenn Campbell/AAP