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CareFlight 'Virtual' Rescues

In a first for the organisation, CareFlight is inviting the community to virtually join crews while they rescue patients throughout the Northern Territory.

CareFlight has launched the ‘Territory Rescue Challenge’, a month-long fitness challenge where participants will travel between 50 to 1000 kilometres while raising funds and progressing through online rescue scenarios.

“The fitness challenge will run for the month of July, inviting the community to choose their exercise of choice and get fit while raising life-saving funds,” General Manager Philip Roberts said.

“Over the month participants can walk, run, skate, bike ride or even horse ride to reach their goal, and each kilometre travelled will unlock another instalment of a real-life rescue mission online,” he said.

“COVID-19 means we have to be more creative about our fundraising, which is why we’ve taken our fundraising online with the challenge - combining exercise and fundraising.”

The challenge will digitally track each participant’s distance as they exercise throughout the month.

“When people have completed their first 12 kilometres, they’ll receive their first mission update online,” Philip Roberts explained.

“The first patient participants will have to rescue is five-week-old baby William who went into cardiogenic shock near Belyuen recently and required an immediate transfer to Royal Darwin Hospital,” he said.

“The community will follow in the footsteps of our crew and virtually complete the mission to save baby William’s life.”

Alexandra Clarke is a doctor with CareFlight’s Top End team and will be roller-skating 250 kilometres as part of the challenge, beginning on July 1st.


“I’ll have to roller-skate around eight kilometres a day – while that seems like a lot, it’s nothing compared to the thousands of kilometres we fly every day to rescue patients throughout the NT,” Dr Alexandra Clarke explained.

“Every dollar raised during the challenge will go towards the Top End Rescue Helicopter and ensuring people in rural and remote areas have equity in access to healthcare,” she said.

“For people living and working remotely, CareFlight can mean the difference between life and death.”

More than 80 people have already signed up to participate in the challenge, with over $4,000 of the $50,000 fundraising goal raised so far.

People can sign up for the challenge at: https://ntchallenge.org.au/