The Hot Breakfast with Davo & Jax is the hottest way to start your day!

Introducing Davo:
I am a born and bred Adelaide chicky babe. Single. I am a shit show. A hot mess who is always getting into trouble.

I have come from an electronic music community radio station and am so thrilled to fulfil my dream of being a breakfast radio host.

I moved to Darwin to make the jump to breakfast radio and look, I froth an adventure. I drove the 3000kms in my 2007 Mazda which was running on hope and positive thinking.

When I’m not in the radio studio, I am a 30 year old nightclub MC so you can find me at the local clubs telling the 18 year olds to, “put your, put your hands up!”. Its not dignified, but it’s a lot of fun.

I am an open book, nothing is off limits, I am genuine, relatable, always up for a laugh and a cold one.

Introducing Jax:
Well, everyday around 5:30am I climb into a shrinking machine. It’s very high tech. Once I shrink down to around the size of an Eclipse mint packet, I then go into a cloning machine. Around 80,000 clones of myself then wander into the last part of the process. A teleportation machine.

This is connected to the back of your radio where I will be perched with a microphone talking to you each morning from 5:30am. Then, I return through the teleportation machine and reverse the process.

This is a dangerous process and takes a huge tax on the body. The only way to continue the process and stay on air Monday to Friday is by taking time off to do the following activities; fishing, camping, partying and surfing.

So the next time you DON’T hear me on the airwaves, it’s not because I don’t want to be there. It’s because I must take the necessary precautions.

Thanks for listening every morning! Its because of you I get to enjoy what I do.

Catch Davo & Jax on the Hot Breakfast weekdays from 5:30am.

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