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We all have a dirty phone! Check out why

Have you ever thought about how hygienic your phone is? Well I didn’t – Until today.

A recent study has been done taking swabs and using a device that highlights microbes and germs on the surface. It has been revealed that the average phone device is nearly seven times dirtier than a toilet seat. Can you believe this!

The thing our bums sit on isn’t as dirty as a phone that we use every day. And not only that those who use a leather case like the ones which hold your key cards harbour even more bacteria. Yuck.

This would make complete sense when you think about it, almost everyone male and female take their phones into a loo and use it while doing their number 2’s in the morning to have a scroll – though women can use their phone doing 1’s and 2’s. lol

Not only that our everyday activities have us eating, gyming, working and touching all kinds of things and we don’t wash our hands every time we touch our phones do, we and If you are anything like me you probably never clean your phone.

Bet you will now! Hahaha I suggest using Dettol bacteria wipes