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Delta pilot messaged passenger on Grindr DURING the flight

When you go on a plane you don’t have a lot to do, well some flights have in house WIFI which is pretty cool and for one passenger JP thorn took the opportunity to use this and go on dating app Grindr.

Now what he didn’t expect was to get a message from someone nearby like legit metres away…on the flight – this shows up just like tinder does. Now guess who direct messaged him.

Yep the Pilot.

He wrote “I see you are on my flight, enjoy the ride to Chicago” Now your thinking it could be someone pretending to be the pilot -Nope it was the real deal.

This pilot should be concentrating on flying the plane not having a cheeky grindr session mid-flight.

You cant use your phone while driving so its same same right!

This story has come out on twitter as JP posted up a screen shot captioned “Remember when my pilot messaged me on Grindr 30,000 feet in the air”

Watch here!