Nestle Name Change for Red Skins and Chicos is Here


Confectionary company Nestle have announced the name changes for it's Allens Lollies products formerly known as "Red Skins" and "Chicos".

The new names are not a major departure from the old ones but are more culturally friendly and so should be pleasing for both sides of the argument of whether or not they should change the names.

The original announcement was made back in June and was met with both support and opposition.

So why the name change in the first place?

"Red Skin" is a slang and considered offensive to the Native Americans in the US and First Nations people in Canada.

"Chicos" is offensive for people of Latin- American descent. 

See the Promotional videos for the products at the official Allens Facebook page: Here

Nestle is not the only company that has been under fire recently for names of products but they are one of the first to take action.

There are other groups online with hearts set on changing the name of "Coon Cheese" and many other products. 

What do you think of the name change?