Ultimate Tag is Coming Soon

It’s the game you played as a kid, but some people never stopped playing... I mean you've seen the movie right?

Well, this isn't that, but it's close "Ultimate Tag" takes the universally known game of tag and elevates it to a scale and skill level never seen before.

Wait.. "universally known" might be a stretch. Everybody knows the game but it's called different things all over the world.

"Tiggy", "it", "Tips", "Tick", or even "Chasey" but I guess "ULTIMATE TICK" is probably a different show altogether and you'd need Doctor Chris Brown for that one and he's on a different network.

This looks like it could be a new take on the "It's a Knockout" type game show. Similar to "Gladiators" and even the recent successful "Australian Ninja Warrior"

In the trailer, we meet the Pro Taggers: Dominator; Hollywood; Spitfire and Eagle as they put their acrobatic parkour on display.

The aim of the game is having everyday Australians take on these Pro Taggers to claim victory?

So think. The quiz masters of "The Chase" with joggers on.

Hosts Abbey Gelmi and Matt Shirvington will cover all the electrifying action as the Ultimate Tag Champions are decided.

Coming soon to Channel 7 and we can't wait for the stacks (of fun).