Kevin Rudd Got Confused for an Uber Driver by Tipsy Passengers

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Kevin Rudd has gone from Prime Minister to Uber Driver, in unexpected circumstances whilst dropping off his daughter at a restaurant in Noosa.

Rudd’s daughter Jessica, posted the funny story to Twitter, explaining that because it was raining, her dad dropped them at the front of a restaurant then drove off to find a park. She then witnessed a group of people entering his car, but she thought maybe it was a different car.

"Dad just dropped us off at a restaurant in Noosa then went to find a park because it’s raining. Then I thought I saw some people pile into his car, told myself it wasn’t—must be a similar looking Uber." — Jessica Rudd .

Jessica then explained the 'tipsy crew’ asked for a lift and said they’d pay but it took them until half the ride to realise who their Uber driver was. She further explains:

"It wasn’t. It was Dad’s car. The lovely but tipsy crew had been at the restaurant since lunch and asked for a lift to Hastings St. Said they’d pay. He said he’d give them a lift. Took them half the ride to discover who their driver was. He’s here now."

The former PM, also took to Twitter to confirm the story was true, saying:

"Guilty as charged. Four young Melburnians getting drenched in a Queensland subtropical downpour at Noosa last night with no Uber in sight… So what’s a man to do? Good kids. I hope they’ve had some fun up here.”

Many have praised the father of three, calling him a legend and a 'very good bloke'.

Main Image Credit:
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Minister for Industry Senator Kim Carr pose for a photo during a visit to the Automotive Centre of Excellence in Melbourne, Monday, Nov. 10, 2008. (AAP Image/Julian Smith)