New Army of the Dead Trailer Now with Faster Smarter Zombies

Army of the Dead is an upcoming Zombie movie from the superhero movie director Zack Snyder. What you may not know, though, is that before Justice League, Man of Steel and Wonder Woman, Synder directed his first Hollywood film. A little zombie movie called Dawn of the Dead.

The trailers background music is a reworked version of Kenny Rogers classic Gambler song. And boy does it fit the tone and style of this film.

Set in Las Vegas, this Army of the Dead is not what you think. The zombies here are smarter and faster than your classic zombies. Think more along the lines of Z but with coordination and planning. I wouldn't be surprised if they started a little Zombie Political Party.

And for fans of video games, you might just see a few nods to a franchise called Dead Rising.

One last thing, I never thought I would hear "It's a god damn Zombie Tiger!" in a major blockbuster film ever! Army of the Dead is releasing worldwide on Netflix this May 21st so save the date.