Round the Twist is Coming to Netflix in May

Have you ever? Felt like this?

If your answer is YES, then you’re going to love the news that Aussie children’s TV series Round the Twist is coming to Netflix on May 1st!

The supernatural series - centred around the Twist family of twins Pete and Linda, younger sibling Bronson and dad Tony - premiered 30 years ago and is sure to give a nostalgia hit to adults across the nation.

Set on the rugged southwest Victorian coast with the Twist family living in a lighthouse, the iconic show was quintessentially Australian and much loved for its general weirdness and humour. The show was an afternoon favourite for school kids but was also written so adults would enjoy it too. And it was celebrated for dealing with adult themes without dumbing it down for the kids. 

Hopefully it will impress a new generation of kids too.

You may recognise several locations across Victoria in the show, including outside shots of the Twist family's lighthouse home filmed at the Split Point Lighthouse in Aireys Inlet; and school and some town scenes in Williamstown, Point Lonsdale, and Queenscliff.

Netflix will show all four seasons, meaning 52 episodes to binge watch.

Did you watch it? What episode is your favourite?