TV shows you can binge in a weekend


There's nothing quite as satisfying as making your way through an entire series of something in one weekend, and with coronavirus restricitions still looming around some places and the weather growing colder now's the perfect time to do just that!

We totally get the endless scrolling that can ensue when deciding what to watch, and too often you probably could've watched an enire episode in the time it took you to pick.

That's why we've pulled together the more easily digestable television shows on the market right now. These are the ones that you can dive into on a Friday night and have wrapped up with that beautiful feeling of completion before work on Monday.



Image Credit: Netflix

Shadow and Bone

Just one week after it's release on Netflix, Shadow and Bone landed in the top ten of shows to spend the most consecutive days at the No. 1 trending spot.

Shadow and Bone is an adaptation of a series of fantasy books of the same name and thankfully - because book adaptations often go amiss - they let the author Leigh Bardugo serve as an executive producer on the show.

It's dramatic, magical and a little bit romantic.

Investment? 1 season (so far) with 8 episodes that run for about 40-50 mins each.



Image Credit: Stan

The Great

This one's for the history buff who doesn't care about the accuracy but instead revels in a quirky plot, intriguing characters and over-the-top costumes. 

The Stan exclusive is a genre-bending ride through 18th century Russia and will ensure you fall absolutely in love with Catherine, laughing along the entire way.

Plus, did we mention it was written by Tony McNamara, the genius behind 2018's The Favourite? That should give you a vibe for what you're in for!

Investment? 1 season with 10 episodes that run for about 50 mins each.



Image Credit: IMDB

Jupiter's Legacy

Think superheroes vs family drama! Jupiter's Legacy is brand new to Netflix and follows the journey of the first generation of superheroes who are trying to pass the torch on to their children. It's something we honestly didn't have much faith in but was a pleasant surprise.

Investment? 1 Volume (so far) of 8 episodes that run for about 40-50 mins each.



Image Credit: Disney+

Big Shot

We had to include a sports-inspired binge! Big Shot follows a temperamental college basketball coach (John Stamos, you're welcome) who gets fired from his highly-esteemed job and must take a job at an elite all-girls private high school. This is a charming comedy meets slick drama meets Disney - so you know it's good! That does mean it's only available to watch on Disney+.

Investment? 1 season with 6 episodes (thus far) that run for about 50 mins each.



Image Credit: Netflix

Ginny & Georgia

Another Netflix original, Ginny & Georgia is a visual escape to New England town where an angsty teen parents her free-spirited mother. Rumour has it, this could give Gilmore Girls a run for it's money!

Investment? 1 season (so far) with 10 episodes that run for about 50-60 mins each.

Header Image Credit: cottonbro / pexels