The title for the BEST Ad of 2020 goes to...

Supercheap Auto has released a hilarious "Press Conference" style ad leading up to the Bathurst 1000 and we can't stop watching it!

This advert comes after Bathurst 1000 dropped Supercheap Auto as the title sponsor for 2021 through to 2025 with Repco being their replacement.

In the video, they refer to this as the "Cheating Scandal" after the American owned Repco managed to snag the title after Supercheap Auto's 16 years with Bathurst 1000.

There is a follow-up video that goes on to apologise for an email that got sent out to everyone.

The IT guy is on a break so whatever you do, don't click the link.

Stick around to the end to hear Nathan forget to turn off his microphone.

And just when we thought it was over, another video just dropped of Nathan looking even more dishevelled.

He's lost the jacket and the tie in this video to talk about the stages of loss and the new "Goodbye Bathurst" sale.

Chin up Nathan! We'll all get through this together.