Spooky illusion! Can you spot the 4 spirits in this drink?

June 17, 2022 8:03 am in by

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This fancy Friday night cocktail is hiding more than a few spooky secrets!

Here’s another illusion to test your imagination.

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When Instagram user kitsnic took a quick snap of her Friday night cocktail to send to a friend, it revealed some spooky spirits – and we’re not just talking alcohol content here!

Thanks to the angles of the glass, the background and the lighting, she said she could see at least two creepy creatures hiding inside the drink.

But we can see at least four creatures! It’s a universe in a glass.

There’s a ghost with red eyes, a twisted face and a creature that looks half dog, half sea lion. Bonus points if you see the elegant red cat.

Can you spot them?

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If you can see them all, congratulations, you’ve got a very vivid imagination!

If you can’t… that’s okay too. Maybe a drink is just a drink.

Here’s where they’re hiding

We’ve outlined them below, in case you’re still struggling to see them.

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spookydrink answers

The ghost with red eyes

This Casper the Unfriendly Ghost is on the very left of the glass. It almost looks like it’s waving hello.

spookydrink ghost 

The twisted face

This one’s pretty creepy, not the face you’d want to see in the middle of the night or indeed in the middle of sipping a fancy cocktail!

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spookydrink face 

The dog-seal

To us, the dog face is obvious (and it looks pretty cute, almost like a Westie) but it’s on a weird legless body, kind of like a seal. A real monster mashup.

spookydrink dog 

The red cat

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We didn’t see this one at first, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It’s an elegant creature amongst the rest, almost ethereal and otherworldly.

spookydrink cat


Did you find them all? Or did you find other ones hidden amongst the shapes?  


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