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Australian Volunteer Coastguard NTF1 Darwin

What we do

The top end offers a magnificent range of fishing and boating opportunities, but our waterways have their hazards, compounded by the remoteness of the Northern Territory. The Australian Volunteer Coastguard Darwin Flotilla is here to provide top end boaties with a high quality safety and rescue service.

Coast Guard plays an extremely important role in the safety of mariners around our vast Australian coastline, far out to sea, and in many of our inland waterways.

Each year Coast Guard volunteers perform thousands of rescue activations. Rescues range from assisting sinking vessels, vessels with flat batteries and other mechanical problems, vessels that have run aground and often towing these disabled vessels back to safe harbour.

As well, when emergencies arise, Coast Guard is often called upon to perform Medivac responses in hard to reach islands and beaches and to provide crucial search and rescue functions for persons who may be lost or missing at sea or in other waterways.

Our vessels must be maintained to commercial standards and be ready to respond 24 hours per day, every single day of the year. This takes a great deal of dedication from our volunteers to fundraise the money needed to keep these vessels ready to respond at any time.

Coast Guard also maintains radio safety watches along many parts of the coastline and some inland waterways on VHF, 27MHz and HF frequencies with weather reports available on request.

Marine Assist Membership

For peace of mind for the Top End’s boating community, Coast Guard offer an annual Marine Assist service. For just $55 per year inc gst you can feel safe and secure knowing the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard is there to help you if needed.

Operating in much the same way as automobile clubs do for motor vehicles, our Marine Assist service provides boaters with 24 hour per day marine rescue assistance by Coast Guard for all emergency and breakdown situations.

With our database containing all your contact details and vessel details we are able to respond quickly to calls for assistance from our Marine Assist service subscribers who in turn could save thousands of dollars in towing costs should they require assistance.


The Australian Volunteer Coastguard is as the name suggests an organisation run by volunteers. Every day men and women from the top end volunteer their time to train, fundraise and run this vital safety service. The Australian Volunteer Coastguard receives minimal government funding and relies heavily on fundraising, donations and corporate support.

The rescue service provided to top end boaties is done free of charge. However large amounts of fuel are consumed with rescue services and fuel is the single biggest operating cost for the service. We would be greatly appreciative of any contribution towards the fuel used in a rescue.

The Pete Davies Rescue

In February 2016 the Darwin Australian Volunteer Coastguard vessel was officially renamed The Pete Davies Rescue, after the renowned Mix 104.9FM announcer who passed away in 2015. Pete was a passionate fishermen and advocate of the Australian Volunteer Coastguard.


Darwin NTF1 Australian Volunteer Coastguard Flotilla


CALL SIGN                          

24hrs on request
(Opening Hours)

0900 - 1300
Weekends and Public Holidays

Radio room
Coast Guard Darwin

VHF 16 & 72

Rescue Vessel - "Coast Guard Rescue 1"

Cairns Custom Craft 7 meter with 2x150hp

Yamaha O/B.



NTF1 Coast Guard Darwin 

Postal address
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C/-Darwin Trailer Boat Club       
Fannie Bay NT
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0467 362 991                                                 
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0417 836 691