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Dolostone Conundrums Rogaine

Dolostone Conundrums Rogaine

Rogaining is a fun physical activity whereby teams must navigate across country to check point’s using the event map supplied. In this instance the event is based at Coomalie Creek which has a great variety of features and is clearly etched through significant events of years gone by. So arouse your curiosity, inspire some friends then explore the ridges, gullies and open land that this event has to offer. Choose between the 7 Hr Stoner or 3 hr Rover Don’t have a team?.... we will find you one! Plan, Navigate, Locate

Location: Coomalie Creek
Date: 15/07/2017 02:30PM - 09:30PM

Please contact Michael Dunbar on 0405983868 or [email protected] for more information.