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SlideCrossFit Abode and Hot 100s Ninja Warrior

We have seen it on TV, now let’s do it for real right here in Darwin.

Join Cobi from CrossFit Abode-Darwin’s only Ninja Warrior and challenge yourself this New Year!

Do you want to be fit, look good and be challenged? Cobi and his team are here to take you to the next level!

Come to CrossFit abode on the 24th of February from 7:00am, 8:15am, 9:30am and try our ninja warrior course. Anyone from any fitness level can try it!

CrossFit Abode will also finish with a bacon and egg breakfast (10:30am) for the Warriors friends and family who can either join in the workout or come along and watch how far the contestants have come over the course of the challenge! CrossFit Abode and Sarah will then have a presentation of the Ninja Warrior winner(s) (11am) of the CrossFit Abode Healthy Habits Challenge! Prizes to be won in multiple categories!!!

Come down and watch the progress of our Hot100 contenders at CrossFit Abode as they fight it out to be Darwin’s next Ninja Warrior and win a massive health pack form Harvey Norman and a year's membership to train with Darwin's Ninja Warrior himself, Cobi!

With heaps of prizes to be won, a healthy challenge on the table and new goals to beat, why not join in on all the action?

If you missed out on being selected as one of our Hot 100 Ninja Warriors and want to participate in this challenge please contact:

Cobi via [email protected]

CrossFit Abode