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Xy's Rewind Song Of The Week - 17/02/17

Every week I do “Xy's Rewind Song Of The Week” so stay posted for a new song each week.

This week's song is:


Artist:Foo Fighters

Year Of Release:1997

Charted In Aus: #45

Last Song Released:Saint Cecilia - 2015

Song Trivia:The song is the second single released on the bands second album 'The Colour and the Shape'.

The music video is set as a parody for the film 'The Evil Dead'. Although Taylor Hawkins plays the drummer in the music video, he did not record the drum track as he had not joined the band at the time of recording. The drum track was recorded by frontman Dave Grohl.

Where Are They Now?:The band went on hiatus in 2015. Rumours circulated that Dave Grohl had left the band to start a solo career. In response the band released a mock video stating that Nick Lachey would be the new frontman. The band announced tour dates for June & July for 2017 with talks of a new album.