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Pirates Steal 'Pirates' From Disney

Captain Jack Sparrow

It's been reported that hackers have gained access to the upcoming 'Pirates Of the Caribbean' movie and are threatening to release in online if Disney doesn't meet their demands.

 According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed during a meeting in New York City, saying that the culprits will release “bits” of the movie if Disney doesn't pay a huge sum of money.

 Iger has said that Disney is refusing to pay the money are are working close with federal investigators.

 While the Disney CEO didn't disclose the title of the movie, 'Deadline' is reporting that it is indeed the Johnny Depp flick which is due for release next week.

 This comes weeks after hackers released episodes of the upcoming season on 'Orange Is The New Black' with a hacker carrying out a threat when Netflix didn't meet their demands.

 The episodes where stolen in late 2016 from a post production company. Although only 10 of the 13 episodes were stolen due to completion.

 The hacker who goes by the name “thedarkoverload” has also threatened to release unreleased TV shows.

 The FBI is investigating the incident.