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Spider-Man Scared Of Spiders

Tom Holland

Tom Holland who plays the latest Spider-Man in the Marvel series has opened up about one of his fears, and surprisingly it's spiders.

 “I don't like spiders, man, just because they're sneaky. They just really scare me, They are hairy. The more I get asked theis question, the more scared I get of spiders so I think I am going to try to convince myself that I am not afriad of spiders.”

 But the 20 year olds fear actually comes from here in Australia.

 “My dad's friend lives in Australia and he says that there is a type of spider that goes into people's cars and hides in the sun visor. Is is a hunsman spider, is that what they're called? And then when you open it up while you are drivng – oh my God, that would literally scare the living daylights out of me. I'd be so terrified.”

 But dispite all of this, the actor has said that he will be visitng Australia very soon as a promotional visit for the upcoming new Spider-Man movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is due out in cinemas July 6.