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Here's What Happens To Conor McGregor If He Used Any MMA On August 26

UFC 189 World Tour Aldo vs. McGregor London 2015

The fight of the century is is only a little over a month away, and fans are excited to see two sporting legends come together.

The week of press conferences saw both fighters stirring each other. Conor throwing racial remarks, while Floyd was heard using homophobic language.

But the big question that's on everyone's minds, what happens to Cono McGregor is he uses any MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) moves?

Long story short? He get the s**t sued out of him.

UFC president Dana White has made it very clear of the what the consequences are if Conor uses anything except boxing moves. And it involes money. A LOT of money.

"He would get sued beyond belief if he does anything but hit Floyd Mayweather with his hands to the head and body. It would be very bad. That can't happen. There's actually language in the contract that that can't happen."

Conor McGregor will pocket an eight figure amount from the August 26b fight, but if Conor doesn't follow the rules, he would '100 percent' lose that money according to White. So no chokeholds allowed!

White continued saying "Forget about the contract, Mayweather would just sue McGregor. And it would destroy Conor's life because Mayweather would win. Conor is a bit of a wild man. But he likes money as much as Floyd does. If he wants Floyd to have all of his money, that's the way to do it."

Bring on August 26!!!!