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Eminem's Wedding Gift To Elton John

Eminem in black

Back in the late 90's, raps biggest name Eminem was accused of being homophobic due to some of the choice words in his lyrics. To prove he wasn't homophobic at all, we took to the stage at the 2001 Grammy Awards to perform his hit single 'Stan' with Elton John.

 In 2006 Elton John married his longtime partner David Furnish and they received a very strange gift from Eminem.

 Talking on 'The Graham Norton Show' John revealed that Eminem got him and Furnish an X-rated gift for a laugh.

 “I got this gift from Eminem and shows you how homophobic he isn't. We had two diamond encrusted c**k rings, on velvet cushions. And I have to say, they remained unused” Elton said.

 He went on to say that he “adores” Eminem and they've been “close friends” since.