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Ed Sheeran Fans Sweat It Out In Melbourne

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran fans have been left very unhappy after Saturday night's gig at Etihad Stadium after the venue officials refused to open the roof.

Manuy fans were treated after the concert for heat exhaustion and dehydration after temperatures sored to more than 35 degrees inside the stadium.

Etihad Stadium was at its capacity of 65,000 people on Saturday night with Ambulance Victoria treating one woman with a leg injury.

One woman said it "was a nightmare, it was insanely hot with the stadium at full capacity with no air flow or air conditioning. People were fainting only 30 minutes into the first supporting act."

A spokesman for Etihad Stadium released a statement saying they kept the roof closed due to a tour management request.

Ed Sheeran will perform 2 more shows at Etihad before moving onto Sydney and Brisbane.