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Podcast Wednesday 0309014

The Morning Glory with Shad and Courts - John Aiken joins us from RSVP.com, a movie trailer is coming out and Where Am I is still not guessed! Image - Gym Maintenance
taser 77f25

People getting tasered...in slow motion

If you haven't already seen this, it's well worth checking out. Another project/social experiment gone viral, and this one is particularly hard to look away from. Photographer Patrick Hall captured…
Tasmanian News
dave tollner

Tollner Lies Low

There’s still no word from CLP backbencher Dave Tollner following his spectacular exit as…

Peter Chandler Wins Deputy's Job

Peter Chandler is the Territory’s new Deputy Chief Minister, following a vote of the…
dave tollner

D-Day For Dave Tollner

It’s D-Day for former Deputy Chief Minister Dave Tollner, when the Country Liberals meet…

Smoke Chokes Darwin

A thick blanket of smoke which settled on Darwin, overnight and this morning is now…

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerholder Spend Big In Sex Shop

Ian Somerholder and Nikki Reed are one of the hottest new couples in Hollywood and…

Ed Sheeran Is Annie

Jimmy Kimmel has recruited Ed Sheeran to be Annie in their production of the musical.…

White Guys Connect With Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has had a few different personalities recently, but they've always remained…

Mark Wahlberg Skips Brothers Wedding

Mark Wahlberg has skipped his brothers wedding to Jenny McCarthy. Jenny and Donnie…
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