Troops deployed from Darwin to train Ukrainian defence

January 18, 2023 8:04 am in by

Australian soldiers will head to the UK to join partner nations in providing critical training to Ukrainian recruits.

Up to 70 Australian Defence Force personnel will depart from Darwin this week, as part of Australia’s ongoing efforts to support Ukraine during the war with Russia.

The UK-led and based program will focus on basic infantry tactics for urban and wooded environments to help new recruits gain the military skills needed to defend their country.

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Minister for Defence Personnel Matt Keogh says our people are our greatest defence capability.

“That’s why it’s so important that our soldiers, alongside a number of partner nations, will provide essential skills to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, supporting Ukraine to end the conflict on its own terms,” he says.

“We are proud to support the brave people of Ukraine and their Armed Forces.”

Soldiers will be trained in the UK and no ADF personnel will be entering Ukraine as part of the program.

To date, Australia has committed 655 million dollars to Ukraine, which includes 475 million dollars in military assistance.

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Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles says Australia will continue to stand with Ukraine.

“The Australian Government is committed to standing with Ukraine, in response to Russia’s clear violation of the rules-based order,” he says.

“Operation KUDU builds on Australia’s military support for Ukraine, with the previously gifted Australian-produced Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles proving their worth as highly valuable military vehicles.”


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